leigh ann


hey y'all. i'm leigh ann.

photographer. dreamer.

It might surprise you to know that I have a degree in Neuroscience and I was pre-med long before I was ever interested in photography. I have always loved forms of art such as books, movies, music and dance. I feel so blessed to now have a career in the creative field and absolutely LOVE what I do! 

I love to read; young adult novels the most. I feel most creatively alive when reading a book and engulfed in that world. My favorite book EVER is 'By the River Piedra I Sat Down and Wept' by Paulo Coelho. The restaurant scene about breaking a glass will break your heart in the most beautiful way.

hey all you 

more tea.

cool cats.

Fun fact .01

My husband and I eloped and then honeymooned in Lake Tahoe, CA. We can't ski but told everyone that asked we did because we were embarrassed to admit we didn't.

It is still the bluest water I have ever seen in my life.

us against

the world

Fun fact .02

I could quote almost every line of Gilmore Girls. Probably One Tree Hill too. Binged Vampire Diaries, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Grey's Anatomy, Criminal Minds, Outer Banks...you get the picture, lol.

"life's short

talk fast"

Fun fact .03

I am obsessed with traveling the world. Other than photography, it is my #1 hobby. Next up on my bucket list a European vacation. This year I only took mountain vacations, so Europe is calling my name! 

to travel

is to live.

Fun fact .04

Counting Crows is my all time favorite band and I have seen them live over 15 times. Long December gives me chills every time I listen to it and "when kindness falls like rain, it washes her away" is one of my all time favorite lyrics.



Fun fact .05

I travelled to Leigh Ann from about 4 hours away for my senior session and it was the BEST experience. She handled every aspect for me - personal hair and makeup, the outfits I had chosen from her style closet were ready for me and and the locations she picked matched exactly what I had in my head! 

Karelann Skinner, Senior 2020

“she is seriously THE
best, omg!"

"I have gotten to do so many things my senior year because of working with Leigh Ann but the highlight was traveling to Utah for my destination photoshoot." I have loved how much confidence I have gained through this experience.

Emma Robins, Senior 2021 

“i have loved how much
confidence i have gained”