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The model team is for seniors who truly want more out of their senior year. This program was created to foster friendships and allow you to meet new friends; it is more than just having your senior photos taken. It is an exciting and unforgettable experience taking place over your whole senior year and the summer leading up to senior year. It is similar to a sorority! A bunch of girls come together to make memories, laugh together, build each other up and form life long relationships. Our team focuses on encouraging others and growing in self confidence. Experiences create bonds that last and this experience is more than just senior photos!

"I am so glad to be on the model team - it has made my whole senior year photo experience so much more personal. Getting to know each other and laughing at every shoot has been some of my best senior year memories!

Natalie Myers, Senior 2021

“being on the model team is the best senior experience”

"The model team has been an absolute dream. I really can't imagine my senior year without it. It has allowed me to get AMAZING photos of me and my friends that I will cherish and look back on forever!

-Savannah Bickhaus, Senior 2021

“being on the model team has been an absolute dream”

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Joining the model team comes with over a year long list of extra perks, some of which are listed below! Check out all the things you can look forward to doing your senior year!








 Each model team member receives a mini session to kick off their experience! This is a short session with one outfit and one location where I walk you through posing and teach you how to look like a natural on camera. You will gain confidence that sets you up for success the rest of the year! This mini session also includes a complimentary makeup and hair styling as well as professional wardrobe assistance.


 Throughout the year model team members can attend multiple group sessions. Sometimes these group sessions have fun themes (70's, Denim, etc.) and sometimes they are based around the season. At these group sessions each girl gets time in front of the camera for individual photos plus we take group and smaller group photos as well! These images below are from a private antique truck that we rented for our group shoot! Each year we have different themes so it is always fun and different!


This is it - the BIG one! The 3 hour long session that is all about you! All of our planning comes together here. You have multiple outfit changes (all professionally styled), professional hair and makeup and locations to match your vision and outfits to make for the perfect, polished session that looks like YOU!


It is a MUST to have pictures with your BFF. Whether you are going off to separate colleges or just want cute dorm decor with your new roomie these are a blast! Each model team member gets a BFF session and can bring any friend even if they aren't on the model team!


Members of the model team have a truly unique opportunity. They are eligible to attend several destination sessions throughout the year. We have gone to mountain ranges, historic Charleston, the Utah Saltflats and national parks. We will be heading to Florida next - stay tuned for more epic destinations!
*Additional fees apply and destination sessions aren't guaranteed


In the spring of their senior year, model team members receive a complimentary cap and gown session. This is a great way to capture the special moments you might not get on graduation day.
 Cute cap and gown pictures - check! 

The model team comes with so many benefits and fun events. I've made so many friendships through the model team. Leigh Ann is the absolute sweetest human and will never fail to make you feel the prettiest you ever have. There is never a dull moment and I am so incredibly glad I had this opportunity!"

-Hailey Lindsay, Senior 2021

“I can guarantee that you
will feel confident”

"I joined the model team after seeing some girls from the grade above me have the best photos I had ever seen. Now I have been able to do several extremely fun and creative photoshoots that have made me feel more confident in myself. Getting to experience all of this with my best friends and new friends has been the highlight of my senior year"

Reese Steward, Senior 2021

“this experience has been a
highlight of my senior year”