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Are you ready for the senior pictures of your dreams? I am here to create the ultimate experience just for YOU! I am a nationally featured and published senior photographer - which for you translates into TONS of custom experiences you can't find elsewhere! Want to dance in a field at sunset? I am your girl! Want to have a downtown model vibe? Me, again! I care about making your senior pictures fun, beautiful and 100%, authentically YOU!

Texas girl, book lover, sunset chaser, Jeep lifer, adventurer, Tristen's mom, Corrine's favorite Aunt LaLa and wife to my jokester of a husband. Visiting Greece is high up on my bucket list and I would be stoked to take your senior pictures!

leigh ann


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"I absolutely LOVE the photo album and canvas! They are so, so beautiful! I am so pleased and will forever be grateful to you for capturing Olivia perfectly in her photos. She looks beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world! You are so talented and I am so glad Livi came to me that day and told me she wanted to apply to be on your model team. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now to go look at the book for the 100th time and try to make it through without crying!"

-Jennifer Ramirez, Olivia's Mom

"she looks

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beautiful  & confident"

"Leigh Ann is amazing. My daughter and I really appreciate the time and effort Leigh Ann puts into knowing each girl that she works with. That knowledge of each individual shines through in the most beautiful and unique photographs. Most importantly, Leigh Ann works to show these girls their true beauty both inside and out!"

-Julie Kendrick, Anna's Mom

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