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Welcome to the new Website

Thank you for visiting my new website for high school senior portraits!  I am so excited to share with my past and future clients my new direction in senior photography. This past fall I invested myself into furthering my photography and business education, therefore I’ve been working tirelessly this past winter and spring to bring you a brand new, full service, photography experience.

What’s New?

New for class of 2019, every senior will have their own photo premiere. An in person appointment where you will get to see all the gorgeous, heirloom quality products I offer. Because I will walk you through choosing your favorite portraits and how to best display them in your home, you’ll save time and the headache of trying to do it on your own.  I’m taking the guess work out of the equation for you and your busy family. Since I know prints are so important,  I am excited to lend my expertise to best to display them in your house. Whether that is on the walls, a keepsake box or custom coffee table book. But don’t worry, we will still be offering digitals to though who still want those too!

This is just one of many changes I have made to give our seniors the very best experience. I am excited to begin working with class of 2019 and all the fun things I have planned for the year! Don’t forget to follow us on instagram @leighannbarbaphotos to stay up on the very latest.

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Please browse through my new site and request our senior magazine for full details on booking.

The senior magazine is full of all the need to know details about booking your high school senior portraits. Including when to book, what to expect through the entire process and pricing details. If you don’t find the answer to one of your questions on my site or in the senior magazine, I’m just an email away.

Park and Puppies – Adopt Don’t Shop


This year I asked my 2019 MOD SQUAD members what they would like the theme of their introductory shoot to be.  I had several options but Parks and Puppies won unanimously! I mean I can’t blame them – who wouldn’t want to snuggle cute puppies?!  All of these sweet babies were part of a litter that a stray dog had and we rescued and adopted out to friends! They all have an amazing life now and a few of their sweet owners brought them back to be reunited for Parks and Puppies photo-shoot! We also wanted to use this photo shoot to spread the adopt don’t shop, message.

There were 4 puppy brothers that were reintroduced after being adopted.  It was so cute to see them recognize each other and then just start playing.  There were so many laughs, spilled water bowls and chasing puppies.  Hopefully you all were able to see the behind the scenes from this shoot on my Instagram stories because it was some of the funniest behind the scenes we have ever had.  The runt of the litter, Jax, was a fan favorite mostly because he was the most nervous and liked to cuddle.

The park we decided to feature was a local park that includes soccer fields, football fields, baseball fields as well as a dog park and skate park.  After the puppies left (we tried to keep them out of the heat too long) we headed over to the skate park.  It was probably very obvious we didn’t quite belong but the whole community was so kind and loaned us skateboards, helped us with poses so we didn’t look too awkward and tried to teach us some skills.  It was so fun to watch and we appreciated all the people we met!

Adopt Don’t Shop

In addition to the amazing time we had we would like to bring awareness to the fact that shelters in our home town as well as all over the nation are overflowing with animals that need homes! Please consider adopting and not shopping the next time you would like to make an animal part of your home and give these sweet babies a chance to have a good home!

Hope everyone enjoys the images and can see the fun we had with these special ladies and sweet babies!

Here are some links to local shelters that could use your help in adopting your new fuuuur-ever friend!




Adopt Don't ShopAdopt Don't ShopAdopt Don't ShopAdopt Don't ShopAdopt Don't ShopAdopt Don't ShopLeigh Ann Barba PhotographyLeigh Ann Barba PhotographyLeigh Ann Barba Photography

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Sweet Tooth Hotel – Victory Park Dallas, Texas

Art Pop Up Adventure

Recently, an art installation called the Sweet Tooth Hotel opened in Dallas as an experimental art and retail pop up in Dallas for a limited run.  As soon as I saw the images, I knew that I had to take a model here! Imagine a world where sweets are larger than life – fantastical desserts and surprises behind every door, Sweet Tooth Hotel brought together work by some of Dallas’s most innovative artists.

The Sweet Tooth Hotel

Sweet Tooth Hotel is a five room sugar-themed interactive based on popular treats. The black and white checker board bathroom featured a frosted pink donut mirror and pink claw foot tub. There is a southwest room that features cactus whose barbs are made of ring pops and lit in neon.  The hallways feature art installations of their own such as black and white stripped floors, and a rainbow/cloud hallway that has clouds that are interactive based on your voice. The bedroom area features a light up wall, bed made of recycled shoe soles and a macaroon light fixture.

Next, you made your way into the kitchen area with extra large boxes of cereal and a surprise behind each cupboard. My absolute favorite feature was the 1990’s phone that lights up and shows all the internal fixtures. As you stand in the kitchen trying to find the next room you might be slightly confused until you open the refrigerator and step into a room that looks like a carnival with fun house mirrors and walls lined with stuffed animals.  You can even enter hidden spots inside and pop through the animals.

The Shoot

My model Annie, wore an absolutely perfect black and white romper that accented all the art installations perfectly. Annie’s pink shoes were show stoppers because other patrons couldn’t stop commenting on how amazing her shoes and outfit were. I had so much fun exploring and discovering the Sweet Tooth Hotel with Annie!

Annie and I highly suggest you attend this limited run art pop up and support other local artists. These are the amazing events we want to continue to bring to our home town.  Hop over to www.sweettoothhotel.com to grab your tickets before it is too late.


Sweet Dreams!
Leigh Ann

Sweet Tooth HotelSweet Tooth HotelSweet Tooth HotelSweet Tooth HotelSweet Tooth HotelSweet Tooth HotelSweet Tooth Hotel