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Meet Leigh Ann

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Hey y'all welcome to my little home on the web!

 I’m your not so basic portrait photographer. I was born a left-brain extrovert, with a passion for organization and planning. I also like to exercise my right brain and photography is my creative space. Unapologetically loquacious, optimistic and happy go lucky. I love being a Wife, Mother, Sister and Aunt and I take those roles seriously. My adventurous spirit loves taking family trips to our country house, boating, driving in our Jeep with the music up and windows down, exploring and seeking new places.  

 I love reading and I’m obsessed with true crime podcasts. I have to have regular Netflix and Chill time, I’ve been known to binge a show or two. I love music, especially the indie/folk/alternative rock and Americana genres. Counting Crows is my jam; I’ve been to at least ten of their concerts since college.

 Photography started first as a hobby but progressed into a full time business. The sessions that I loved the most were always high school seniors. So I eventually decided to solely specialize in that area and could not be more happy about that decision. I have been interested in photography since I was a teen - whether it was trying to take photos as we traveled or sitting with my grandmother and flipping through all her photo albums it has always been interesting for me. As I have honed my craft I have only become more obsessed with the art form.  Other than my family, my photos are my most prized possessions in my house.


I was a senior last year and my sister is a senior this year. Once she saw my photos she immediately called leigh ann and set hers up a year in advance. I had such  unique photos that no one else had which i loved. She even had accessories in her client closet that helped complete my looks which I thought was awesome.

AUTUMN  ::  Lake Dallas High Class of 2017

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True Crime Podcasts

Spending time with my family, listening to music especially indie/folk/alternative rock and americana, Netflix and chill, boating, visiting our country house, traveling, reading, going to concerts (Counting Crows is my jam!)